Information on rubber sheets

Elastomont offers a complete range of rubber sheets of various thickness, length and width. We can supply the product in roll form, it can also be cut to your specifications in order to cover the pieces directly with the rubber sheet. Elastomont has the expertise to reverse engineer according to samples provided by customers.

We offer the following products: Butyl, Hypalon, EPDM, Neoprene, White Nitrile, Black Nitrile, Natural Rubber, SBR trim with fabric inserts, SBR, Slicone, Skirboard SBR, Viton, Neoprene/Nylon Diaphragm, Mats.

Also available, high-end rubber products such as Linatex.

Elastomont offers a complete range of rubber sheets for high protection against abrasions and chemical attacks.

Range of Elastomont coatings

Natural rubber coating


Exceptionnal high abrasion 38 Durometer red natural rubber.


General abrasion resistant 40 Durometer red natural rubber.


high abrasion resistant 45 Durometer red natural rubber.


Exceptionnal high abrasion 60 Durometer red natural rubber.


High abrasion 65 Durometer black natural rubber.

Bromobutyl rubber coating


High heat black 55 Durometer bromobutyl w/bonding layer.

Butyl rubber coating


General purpose 60 Durometer pure butyl lining.

Nitrile rubber coating


Moderate oil resistant 65 Durometer nitrile lining.