Concept and design


Our experienced team is able to offer solutions that meet your needs and most of all your concerns related to the elastomeric application on your items. We will accompany you throughout your process by stepping in at specific times to make sure to limit the costs of your production with sound advice.



We can assist you with the realization of your prototype by developing low-cost temporary molds to validate the proof of concept. Following testing you will do with your new pieces, we can change our temporary mold to create new works with the desired improvements.


Pièces de caoutchouc

We work regularly with our customers when the longevity of an original part fails. We analyze the application from every angle before proposing an alternative solution. The results almost always exceed expectations.



We regularly conduct repairs on elastomer cover parts . We have developed proven methods that help extend the life of your parts. Estimates are free. The lastomont team performs repairs at its plant in L'Assomption on the outskirts of Repentigny in Lanaudire or they can travel to your facility, anywhere in Qubec.

Technology services & inspection

Service technique

Elastomont offers technical services and on-site inspection services. Our experts travel throughout the Qubec province as well as in the greater metropolitan area of Montreal, of Qubec, and in Lanaudire, Laurendides, Montrgie, Laval, Etc. Our estimate service also is free.