Information on ceramic rubber

Rubber-Ceramic wear liners ELASTOCER custom manufactured are ideal for protecting your investments. Ceramic aluminum oxide combined with rubber, extends the life of your production line, reduces maintenance while reducing downtime and has a direct impact on the reduction of noise. Elastomont has developed unique product that has excellent anti-wear properties with a higher energy absorption characteristics.

These coatings are manufactured according to your needs, either by molding of tiles or ceramic cylinders inserted into the rubber, in turn, is molded on a steel backing plate. Rubber-Ceramic wear liners ELASTOCER can be easily installed either glued, welded by the support plate bolts drilled holes molded into the plate or welding.

Rubber-Ceramic wear liners ELASTOCER are used in applications ranging from primary crushed abrasive paste or sandy ore.

These coatings are extremely versatile and suitable for many types of facilities, including the following: Feeder liners -Crusher Main Frame Liners- Coarse ore liners- Feed Box Liners-Discharge Liners-Crusher Feed Tubes- Rotary distributors-Crusher Feed Plates-Launder Liners-Chute Liners- Crusher Feed Hoppers.

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